AISA District Art Show

This Wednesday, Mrs. Nancy Rice and CCS hosted our sister schools in AISA District VII for the annual art show.  Below, you’ll find a list of our winners:



**DIVISION: K5-1**

Ally Durham(2nd place – Painting)

Bella Peoples(3rd place – Waterbase)

Landon Alexander(1st place – Printmaking)

Kara Dawn Stoudenmire(3rd place – Printmaking)

Bella Peoples(2nd place – Drawing Non-Color)

Riley Barber(3rd place – Drawing Non-Color)

Andres McGinnis(3rd place – Mixed Media)

**DIVISION: 2-3**

Sam Parrish(2nd place – Painting)

Remington Carmichael(2nd place – Printmaking)

Dani Fortenberry(1st place – Drawing Non-Color)

Mitchell Winslett(3rd place – Drawing Non-Color)

**DIVISION 4-6**

Maria Rice(3rd place – Painting)

Maria Rice(1st place – Waterbase)

Lillian Goodwin(3rd place – Waterbase)

Xaveon Smith(3rd place – Printmaking)

Maria Rice(1st place – Drawing Non-Color)

Maria Rice(2nd place – Drawing Color)

Macy Adams(2nd place – 3D/Arts&Crafts)

Lillian Goodwin(3rd place – Photography)

Shawn Mattie(2nd place – Mixed Media)

Maria Rice(3rd place – Mixed Media)

**DIVISION 7-9**

Carlee Halbert(3rd place – Painting)

Makayla Benz(2nd place – Waterbase)

Austin Matzke(2nd place – Printmaking)

Austin Matzke(3rd place – Printmaking)

Cade Steber(1st place – 3D/Arts&Crafts)

Hannah Parrish(2nd place – Photography)

**DIVISION 10-12**

Lindsey Greer(2nd place – 3D/Arts&Crafts)

Jessica Ferguson(3rd place – Photography)

1st place winners in K5-9 and 1st / 2nd place winners from 10th-12th will all advance to the AISA State Art Show on Friday, April 25th.

Many thanks to Mrs. Rice and her art students, who did an exceptional job hosting our district schools, and who spend all year making the most interesting things in the art room.

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Auction Updates

Today, the CCS auction page was updated, primarily with puppies and Alabama football autographed memorabilia.

Check it out when you get a chance!

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CCS Auction Update

We are rapidly closing in on our annual auction; this year’s event is scheduled for May 9th.

We’ve set up a facebook page to keep all of the items posted in one place. You can find it by clicking this link.  There are very cool offerings already up, from presidential autographs to luxury vacations to home decor.  And we have more confirmed every day, so make sure you check back often.

If you own a local business and would like a sign to hang up advertising the auction, please pick up a poster in the school office.  If you have questions, if you want to donate an item, gift certificate, or service, or if you just want to know how you can help further–contact Mrs. Collins or Coach Adams in the school office.

Thanks again for all you do, and thanks for trusting us with your children.

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