2015 Calendar and Supply Lists

You can access all in one PDF file by clicking here.

Looking forward to seeing everybody at Open House! Still time to get some new classmates if you know someone interested in CCS–just tell them to click that big button over there that says “Inquire Online!”

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What’s in a name?

When Romeo asked that, it was because he was in love with his enemy’s daughter, and things would have been so much simpler if she just had a different last name.

Of course, we’re not actually in a Shakespearean tragedy; however, our lives will be a little simpler with a name change as well.  Beginning in August 2015, CCS will use the designation “Upper School” to refer to grades 7-12 and “Lower School” to refer to grades K3-6.

It’s not a giant change, but it’s one we hope will make the transition from 6th grade to 7th grade a little clearer. Since we don’t have a traditional elementary / middle school / junior high / high school model, we need a way to help our young teens understand one very important thing:

We believe young teens are capable of far more than the typical school would expect of them. So we will be using the term “Upper School” to reinforce the idea that we think they should be acting more like a senior than a 6th grader once they ‘cross the gravel’ into Charger Hall.

Two divisions, and two categories of student. But still very much one school, one campus.

Once a Charger, Always a Charger.

Looking forward to August.

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When you love your job like we do…

…”summer” means something different. Yes, we take vacations. Yes, we relax.

But we also spend time in the office, getting everything ready for the next year. We arrange for painting and moving and cleaning. We rearrange things in the building. We talk about what worked well last year and what might work better next year.

We look forward to the time in August when our halls will fill up with chatter and laughter and learning and playing and community and family.  And for the high school athletes, those times are already here. We had 53 athletes on campus today, lifting and running and throwing. And we had 17 elementary kids here for summer reading club–so about 1/3 of our school was on campus today!

While all that was going on, we finalized a high school schedule for next year. That means we can start working on an elementary schedule. And by the end of the week, we plan to drop announcements about the faculty members that will be joining our learning community next year.

So it’s busy already. And we already can’t wait to see your kids back in the building.

Here’s to 2015-2016. It’s going to be a good one.  If you know somebody that should be here, let them know about us. We’d love to schedule a tour to tell them about our Cornerstone family.

Thanks for letting us do what we do. Thanks for trusting us with your kids.

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