Good, good day.

Over halfway across the United States, there’s a sweet lady.

She doesn’t want you to know who she is; she made that abundantly clear in a telephone conversation that I enjoyed having with her two weeks ago.

But she believes in your school, and she believes in its teachers.

$21,000 worth of belief.  It blows me away just thinking about it.

Last week, she delivered a check to us for that amount.  And she was pretty specific about how she intended it to be disbursed:  the first $10,000 was to go to classroom teacher bonuses in grades K3-12.  The remaining $11,000 was for the general fund.

The school board, very rightfully, used the first portion of that general fund money to make sure that our support staff also received bonus checks. The remainder will go toward our fundraising target for the year.

So today was a good day at Cornerstone.  For a staff that’s been flexible, and has worked so hard to constantly evaluate and re-evaluate the best, most cost-effective way to teach students, today was an excellent day.

So thank you to the parents who believe in our school.

Thank you to the staff that rolls with the punches and never, ever stops teaching like mad.

Thank you to the board that continues their single-minded pursuit of financial freedom for our school.

And thank you, thank you, thank you to the donor who won’t let me name a field or a building after her, or even tell anybody who she is.

Most importantly, thank you to a God who continues to surprise with his blessing and provision–although at this point, it really shouldn’t surprise me anymore.

He is good.

(If you’d like to write a thank-you message to the anonymous donor, you can drop it to me via email or swing it by the school office, and I’ll mail a batch out next week.)