MacBeth Arrives!

We’ve been very excited all week to watch 38 of our students in grades 4-12 prep for MacBeth. It’s a pretty intense process, involving several 12-hour days, lots of manual labor, and reciting lines and reciting lines and reciting lines…

Our sanctuary is now an impressive chunk of Scotland, but they won’t let me post pictures–so we hope you’ll make plans to attend either Friday at 6:30 or Saturday at 3:00 (or both).

Reserved seats (the best seats in the first 8 rows) are $7.00 each, and can be purchased from our office starting at noon Monday. Seats will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis, starting at the middle aisle and working toward the outer walls.

All other seats are general admission for a donation at the door. We will only be seating the middle two sections of the sanctuary.

This is our second year of Shakespeare, and if you saw A Midsummer Night’s Dream last year, you know how well our students performed. I hope you’ll be back this year, and I hope you’ll encourage someone to come with you.

(The marketer in me is compelled to point out what a great idea it would be to invite a prospective family on this night…In fact, we’ll have a small number of free general admission tickets in the office for that purpose–just call to make arrangements.)

See you there, and enjoy the show!


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