Invite Someone to Meet Cornerstone

If you know a family that is interested in CCS, please be sure to invite them to one of our “Meet Cornerstone” events this summer.  We have events planned for July 11th and July 25th from 6-8 pm.  We’re also sending around 5,000 mailers out for the event this week.

Each event will give prospective families the opportunity to tour, meet teachers (and parents and students), and begin the application process.  We need help in the following areas to make the event successful:

  1. Students and parents to welcome families to the event at the registration table.
  2. High school students to lead tours of the facilities.
  3. Parents to answer questions from prospective parents (and students for questions from students).
  4. Desserts and drinks in the reception room.

If you want to volunteer, or if you have ideas about how to improve the event or maximize our reach, please contact the school office.




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