Snow Update. (Or, if you prefer, the “Snews”)

Here’s what the school looked like when we finally got everyone out late yesterday:

ccs snow

We were at least able to get all students out of the school before nightfall; however, eleven of them actually went home with staff members in 4wd vehicles and are waiting for conditions to improve so that their parents can get to them or we can get them home.



I’ve been amazed (as always)  to watch our school family come together to get people the help they need–both CCS families and total strangers.  So thanks to all who have helped people get home, or to their kids, or out of ditches.

We know already that CCS will be closed tomorrow (Thursday), and we’re already looking hard at the possibility of a delayed start or cancelled day on Friday.  Although temps are supposed to rise above freezing tomorrow, if they drop again overnight, we’ll still have terrible driving conditions Friday morning.  As always, we’ll post info to Facebook, Twitter, this website, and ABC 33/40.

We do have a few members of the CCS family out helping with emergency vehicles and supplies.  If you or someone you know needs something of an emergency nature, please contact Coach Adams via and we’ll see what we can do to get you some assistance.   However, if it’s not a serious emergency, please stay home and don’t get out.  I’ve watched people slide into the ditch by my house all night long.  There’s simply no good reason short of a life / death situation to be out right now.

Bundle up and continue to pray for those separated from their children, both in the CCS family and at our local public schools.

Thanks for all you do, CCS family.