Friday Update

CCS will be closed on Friday, January 31, in accordance with our policy of mirroring the county school system regarding inclement weather decisions.

The Varsity Basketball region tournament at Edgewood Academy is still happening; the decision to proceed with that is outside of our control.  We will depart via bus from the school at 10:15 to allow ample time to be cautious on the trip down.  Players, if your parents have not yet given permission via email for you to ride the bus, please have them send that to Coach Adams quickly.

If your parents will be driving you to the game themselves, please send that information as well.

If you will not be attending the game due to concern over travel, please get that information in quickly too, so that your coaches can make appropriate plans. We’re aware that we can’t know the condition of all rural roads, so if you can’t get to the game, please let us know quickly.