What’s in a name?

When Romeo asked that, it was because he was in love with his enemy’s daughter, and things would have been so much simpler if she just had a different last name.

Of course, we’re not actually in a Shakespearean tragedy; however, our lives will be a little simpler with a name change as well.  Beginning in August 2015, CCS will use the designation “Upper School” to refer to grades 7-12 and “Lower School” to refer to grades K3-6.

It’s not a giant change, but it’s one we hope will make the transition from 6th grade to 7th grade a little clearer. Since we don’t have a traditional elementary / middle school / junior high / high school model, we need a way to help our young teens understand one very important thing:

We believe young teens are capable of far more than the typical school would expect of them. So we will be using the term “Upper School” to reinforce the idea that we think they should be acting more like a senior than a 6th grader once they ‘cross the gravel’ into Charger Hall.

Two divisions, and two categories of student. But still very much one school, one campus.

Once a Charger, Always a Charger.

Looking forward to August.