Make Room For The Trophy

In case you missed our 876 tweets today, we won a couple of volleyball games.

Specifically, the state semis and the state finals.

It is very late, and we are very tired. But we are also very proud.  And the trophy is very big and shiny.

This was a team that simply refused to accept a loss. Again and again, they came back from behind, completely unflappable. They won at least a few points that seemed to violate the laws of physics. They threw themselves at the ball and the floor and the net. It was kamikaze volleyball.

They played so fearlessly and with such abandon that other schools began cheering for them, like we had tripped into some volleyball version of a Disney sports movie.

Congratulations to our coaches and players and parents and all the random people who were there. 

Once a Charger, always a Charger.

Once a Champion, always a Champion.

(That there is the winner’s dogpile.)