Upcoming Events

Can’t believe it’s the end of the year already! There is so much going on in the next few days we thought we would send you a calendar of the happenings. Parents are encouraged to attend awards days, graduations and the Baccalaureate Service. This list will not include all individual classroom activities.

Thursday May 18th                     9:00 Senior Awards and Class Day

               1:30 Fourth Grade Play

Friday May 19th                    8:30 Baccalaureate practice

Sunday May 21st                   2:00 Baccalaureate Service

Monday May 22st                  8:30 High School Awards Ceremony 7th – 11th grade

Tuesday May 23rd                   8:00 A1 High School Exam

                  8:00 Last Day of K3/K4

                  9:00 Kindergarten Graduation

                 10:00 A2 High School Exam

                  6:00 6th Grade Banquet @ Jim & Nick’s on 280

Wednesday May 24th             8:00 B2 High School Exam

                10:00 B3 High School Exam

Thursday May 25th                8:00 B1 High School Exam

                8-11:30 1st -5th grade Water Day (Early School Dismissal)

                10:00 A3 High School Exam

Friday May 26th                    8:00 Make Up High School Exams

               9:00 Elementary Awards Day (1st -5th grade)

               7:00 Graduation