Consignment Sale

The sale is scheduled for August 15th-17th, 2013.

Note that the 8/15 sale will only be open to workers and consignors–this gives them the first shot at the inventory, before the huddled masses arrive.

Here are a few additional notes:

1.  If you’d like to donate 100% of your proceeds to the school, let us know at dropoff.

2.  If you want to donate items, but don’t have time to enter and tag them, let Laura Adams know and she’ll  inventory your items, with the school getting 100% of the proceeds.  Contact her as soon as possible so she has time to accommodate you, since this will only be available on a limited basis.

Thanks so much for supporting our sale!  We look forward to seeing you there!



New Seller Registration

Drop off Appointment Scheduling

Item Entry and Tag Printing

Consignor Homepage

Worker Registration

Volunteer Schedule

Mailing List Signup

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