Fundraising Opportunities

Each year, CCS sets a fundraising target as part of our continued focus on transparency and accountability to our parents.  This year’s target is $70,000.  To accomplish that, we laid out a plan over the summer the involved two fairly large events.

On December 9th, CCS will host our largest annual fundraiser, the Charger Challenge.   This involves a clay shoot at beautiful Selwood Farms, a service event that scatters all of our students to various nonprofits all over the county, and a Fall-Festival type event at the school for our elementary students. The Charger Challenge target is $50,000.

If you’re interested in shooting, supporting, or participating in any way, contact the school at 205-669-7777.

And of course, in the spring, we’ll be hosting our annual auction.  Last year’s auction raised $13,500 for the school, and this year’s target is $20,000.  Once again, we’ll have classes competing to see who can put together the most valuable auction table to win a day out of school.