Inquiry, Enrollment, and Financial Aid

Our desire is to provide a quality, Christ-centered education to any family that genuinely desires one for their children.   Like any school, we charge tuition for our services, which enables us to compensate our staff of excellent teachers.

However, our staff and parents also believe in the New Testament model of community living–that those with abundance are called to extend a hand to those without.  The program that exists to help families with need.

The Need-Based Tuition Assistance program through FACTS enables us to support families that don’t qualify for the S4K program, as well as families who were already in our school before the passage of the Accountability Act.

This program has enabled us to serve over 100 families that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford a private education.

We have financial aid students in each grade K3-12: students that play sports and those that don’t, students that make good grades and those that struggle.

Some families qualify for significant reductions, some don’t qualify for any reduction, and some land in-between–but no one comes for free, since Cornerstone believes that parents should be willing to invest into their children’s education as much as they are feasibly able to.

The starting point for both programs is our preliminary application, which we will use to set up a tour and consultation for your family.

FACTS Management ( provides private and faith-based schools resources of tuition management, financial aid assessment and school administration software.  Their online application helps families determine if they qualify for tuition discounts as well as providing an auto pay program in making sure tuition payments are collected each month through a checking or savings account.

Should you have any questions, please contact us by calling 205-669-7777 or drop an email to Eric Wilson, who manages the financial aid program on-campus.

One thought on “Inquiry, Enrollment, and Financial Aid

  1. No problem. You can set up a tour by going to, and clicking “Inquire Online.” That will put you in the queue for someone from admissions to call you. Thanks!

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