Thank You!

This page is a rolling list of all the people CCS has to thank for help during our school year. If you know of someone who deserves a thanks, please let our school office know so we can get them on this page.

We thank our unpaid army of volunteers, prayer warriors, and supporters.  Our school couldn’t exist without your help!

Got a thank-you?  Leave it in the comments below!

  1. Thank you, Nancy Rice and Betsy Merrifield, for your endless volunteer hours in Art and Library!
  2. Thank you, Linda Perryman, for your smiling face in our lunchroom every single day!
  3. Thank you, Terry Bevard, for painting everything on our campus that couldn’t walk away from you!  It looks so much better already!
  4. Thank you, Christina Benz and Betsy Merrifield, for all your help in the office with summer filing and paperwork!
  5. Thank you, Marty Reddell, for all your help in getting our kitchen hood taken care of!
  6. Thank you, Brett and Rebecca Kitchens, for taking care of our math department!
  7. Mrs. Fields says thank you for her data projector!
  8. Mrs. Dillard thanks her K4 parents for all her wish list items!
  9. Thank you, Books-A-Million, for donating gift cards for our summer readers!

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