Here’s a short list of goals we have for each student at Cornerstone:

Following Christ.

Cornerstone succeeds when students recognize the supremacy of Christ.  This recognition plays itself out in discipleship, which is the active and intentional process of following Christ.

Studying his Word.

The Bible is God’s message to His children.  In addition to the story of his intersection with us, it offers  practical wisdom, teaching our students how to live life properly.

Excelling Academically.

As we train students to love God with their minds, our practical goal is to prepare students for academic success.  CCS alumni should be prepared to excel through college and into graduate school, whether they choose to pursue further education or not.  Since communication requires some agreed-upon measures of academic success, we spend time talking about scholarship totals, college entrance rates, and standardized test scores.

Learning Constantly.

For the Christian, learning and the pursuit of wisdom is a lifetime habit that does not end simply because school does.   Because we believe CCS alumni should be lifetime learners we consistently encourage students to learn beyond the curriculum, wherever and whatever possible.

Thinking like Christ.

In order to engage the world, we must understand the world.  To that end, CCS may sometimes cover material in class that challenges students to reconcile what they believe with a world that does not think like Christ.  Always, focus is placed on an empathetic, redemptive view of God’s creation, rather than a divisive simplicity.

Living in Christian Community.

Community is an important word to us.  We believe God’s children should spend time together in study of his life and word.  We also believe that God’s children are called to redeem the communities around them.  Because the Christian life is not a solitary endeavor, CCS teaches students to work, learn, play, worship, and serve in community.