Biblical Worldview

At Cornerstone, we believe an intentional life is most glorifying to God when it reflects Him to his world.  In an effort to ensure that our parents and community clearly understand the school’s philosophy, we offer the following set of core beliefs as a definition of a “Biblical worldview.”  This list, drawn from the research of George Barna, is not intended to be an exclusive list; rather, it is a summary of the Cornerstone on which education is built:

  1. God is the all-knowing and all-powerful creator and sustainer of the universe.
  2. Absolute moral truth exists as defined in God’s Word and his Son.
  3. Jesus Christ lived as God’s son on earth and died to redeem the world to His Father.
  4. All people (including our students, parents, and faculty) are fallen by nature; therefore, we are sinful from birth, and only able to please God by realigning ourselves with Him.
  5. All of the principles of the Bible are true, indicating the means by which our lives can be lived in a way pleasing and glorifying to our Creator.
We should note here that you don’t have to believe these things to attend Cornerstone, but you do have to understand that we believe these ideas are foundational truths, and they’re going to be evident in most of what we do each day.